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Water Damage Seattle

911 Restoration of Seattle

Welcome to 911 Restoration of Seattle, through sleet, storms, or smoke, our water damage Seattle crew will respond within 45 minutes, because we know that when your house is in trouble, time is of the essence. Our water damage Seattle services start by laying down the latest drying technology for water extractions and end with a free inspection to ensure safety. Seattle has two common forms of water damage events: rainstorms and frozen pipes. The former can be prevented by cleaning rain gutters, but a disaster with enough force will always be a sturdy house’s undoing. When that happens, call us for help with disaster restoration.

Our disaster restoration Seattle team moves in as soon as the water damage can be assessed after a natural phenomenon. Rain and fires are the most common disaster here, so our water damage Seattle crew is prepared for both. As soon as a property is deemed safe, we start the restoration process. By the time we’re finished, your home looks the way you always remembered it, so call us to get your home back after a storm or frozen pipes with same day service.

Frozen pipes are more difficult to see coming than a storm brewing on the Pacific. Once a pipe burst occurs, the challenge becomes a race against time to shut it down. If it causes sewage backup, that race for water mitigation becomes all the more important. For a normal grey water spill, our water damage Seattle team repairs the plumbing, sanitizes the area, and checks for other hard water build up. Black water is a different story. During toilet overflow, 911 Restoration Seattle suits up in hazmat gear because sewage is dangerous even through touch.  Don’t attempt this job on your own because you could develop bacteria and mold, contact us instead.

Both scenarios cause water damage, which can quickly become a mold problem, which spreads respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma. Never fear, 911 Restoration has all the tools of the trade to handle pesky mold as well. Our water damage Seattle operatives use the newest remediation techniques to undertake mold decontamination services after water repair. Any time excessive water damages and area you should be wary of a fungus infestation. However, by the time we leave, that mold will be long gone. We provide full restoration services for all your emergencies from storms or plumbing, so call us today.

We don’t overlook the fiercest part of a storm either: lightning. When that kind of energy strikes a tree, a spark and subsequent fire occurs. If that tree lives in your front yard, your home becomes the fire’s next target. Once you and your family are safe and the Seattle Fire Department tackles the flames, 911 Restoration handles the rest. After such a catastrophic event, let us restore your fire and smoke damage so that we can undertake soot removal and wood floor restoration. Our water damage Seattle team is adept at fire damage restoration and secures your house after any of these traumatizing occurrences, so you can rest easy once again. Contact us after any disaster, or before to prevent leaks from storms.

How do I Prevent Leaks from Storms?

Rain marks Seattle, Washington on the map day in and day out, so it is important to know how to prevent leaks from storms by cleaning your gutters, watching the forecast and keeping our water damage Seattle team on speed dial. When your home needs water clean up, 911 Restoration works just as hard as Mother Nature by being available 24/7  for services that will put your home in top shape quickly and for an affordable price. We have over 35 years in the industry and constantly train to stay keen on the newest techniques in home restoration. Along with that training comes emergency prevention methods. The best way to keep water from pooling on your roof is cleaning your downspouts twice a year. When these rain ducts fill with debris, water rises in the blocked trench until it spills onto your roof. It becomes stagnant, the perfect breeding ground for mold. Call us to save yourself from the symptoms of mold.

What are the Symptoms of Mold?

The symptoms of mold revolve mostly around your respiratory system and can cause congestion, bleeding lungs, and ultimately pneumonia, so get a hold of our water damage Seattle crew as soon as possible to get rid of the fungus. While we perform mold remediation, you need to see your doctor. Health and safety come before house and home. We are licensed, insured, and bonded technicians who know that mold needs persistent moisture to grow. If you have mold, you have a leak. We find that leak with advanced defection software and repair it. If you do not solve the source of the problem, mold will regrow in time. Call 911 Restoration if you suspect mold because there are deeper problems involved that need the attention of professionals, especially if it happened after a fire at which point you may need smoke and water removal as well.

Why do I need Water Removal after a Fire?

Our water damage Seattle staff excels at fire restoration because we know you will need water removal after a fire due to the hoses used to put out the flames. 911 Restoration Seattle can remove acidic smoke stains and the odor from your walls while we sanitize mold and evaporate water. No one will know a fire and smoke incident ever occurred. Our goal is customer satisfaction, so we also provide storage services and we are working with all insurance companies to replace all items lost in the fire and following floods. We value professionalism, so call us when you want a company that will fully restore your home in a professional manner with all equipment and talent under one roof.

Welcome to 911 Restoration of Seattle, through sleet, storms, or smoke, our water damage Seattle crew will respond within 45 minutes, because we know that when your house is in trouble, time is of the essence. Our water damage Seattle services start by laying down the latest drying technology for water extractions and end with a free inspection to ensure safety.
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After a fire, 911 Restoration showed up and walked me through the property. They kept everything professional and empathetic. Once i knew all of the problems, they got into water damage restoration due to the heavy amount of water used to put out the fire. The whole process was rather simple. They understood my shaken state after watching my property burn and were comforting. i was amazed at their treatment. I hope to never go through that again, but if I do, 911 Restoration is at the top of my list.
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