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Mold removal

Published by 911 Restoration Seattle on June 20, 2013 in category: Mold Inspection

flood cleanupMost mold infestations are found on walls, ceilings, and fabrics in damp rooms like bathrooms or basements. Some mold cases may be more serious, and can be hiding in walls, vents, or ducts. While mold removal can sometimes be done by the homeowner, some cases of difficult mold remediation may require the use of a mold removal service. Regardless of the way the mold is removed, any home mold should be taken seriously and not let to grow further.

Non-professional mold removal usually starts with scrubbing the affected areas with water and detergent. Porous surfaces like carpet, fabric, and ceiling tiles may need to be thrown out. Once the mold is removed, the area must be kept dry. While this is a good solution for homes or small buildings, larger institutions such as schools may require mold inspection and a contracted mold removal service.

A mold removal service may be the best choice for difficult to clean items or large areas. A professional mold remediation company can remove and prevent mold, saving occupants time or possible health ramifications. A mold inspection is important in guaranteeing the mold is controlled and the building or home is up to health standards. Mold inspection is especially important when purchasing a new home.

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