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Rain Leak FAQ

Published by 911 Restoration Seattle on March 31, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

water removalRain clears the air, waters the vegetation and washes away the dirt. Unfortunately, rain sometimes brings water into the house via a roof leak. A brown spot in the ceiling or other evidence of water coming in must be taken care of immediately if severe damage is to be avoided.

When such an event occurs, several questions come to mind, including:

  • Where is the leak coming from?
  • Am I going to have to replace my entire roof?
  • Where should I look to determine the origin?
  • Will I be able to spot a leak if I see one?
  • What kinds of materials are available to make repairs?
  • When should I call in a water leak repair specialist?

Where is the Leak Coming From?

A leak can appear in a basement, roof, siding or a number of other places. A leak does not necessarily mean that the entire roof must be replaced. It can often be easily repaired. That is why it often takes an expert in the business to find the original location of the leak.

Am I Going to Have to Replace My Entire Roof?

Roofs have valleys, chimneys, vents, furnace and plumbing flashings that, when damaged, can cause a roof leak. Leaks can also be caused by attic condensation. Attic water condensation causes water to accumulate and drip into your attic usually requiring sealing and insulation. As a rule, leaks are confined to one area.

Where Should I Look to Determine the Origin of the Leak?

Look for small cracks or holes. The shape of the roof can add to the possibility of a roof leak. Flat or low-slope roofs, for example, can easily accumulate materials that back up water, causing it to run into any small opening.

Will I Be Able to Spot a Leak if I See One?

Sometimes it is easy to spot a loose shingle, bent flashing, basement crack, or other causes. At other times, the cause is a long way from where the water appears on the surface. That is why it often saves time, money and anxiety to call in a roofing expert who knows what to look for.

What Kinds of Materials are Available to Make Repairs?

Among new materials on the market are elastometric coatings, which come with a spray gun. These moisture sealants are good over rolled roofing, metal and other areas. There are also waterproof paints and coatings that are especially designed for use on concrete areas. If you have water accumulating on the basement floor, consider installing a sump pump which will keep the area dry.

When Should I Call in a Water Leak Repair Specialist?

The cause of the leak is often a long way from where it is actually appearing, making it difficult to try to repair a leak yourself. An expert in the business can quickly determine what is wrong and provide a free estimate with reasonable prices. They can then quickly make needed repairs which will prevent severe damage to a building.

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