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Water Damage and Seattle: How to Fight the Wrath or Rain

Published by 911 Restoration Seattle on March 3, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

water extraction SeattleSeattle is known for three main things: amazing coffee, a rich music scene and the constant rain. Just check a standard Seattle weather forecast when rain is mixed into the picture and you will often discover that heavy rain and strong wind goes hand-in-hand—the perfect cocktail for water damage. But there are a number of steps homeowners can take to continue living in this rainy part of the country and keep their home safe and dry.

How Important is it to have my Roof Inspected?

You wouldn’t walk around Capital Hill in the rain with an umbrella full of holes, would you? So why let gaps exist under your home’s roof shingles? A roof can appear to be in great condition just from looking at its surface, but as Seattle rain continues to pound rooftops every year, damage can take place that isn’t very noticeable until it is too late. Every year in Seattle water damage companies get thousands of calls in which frantic homeowners are reporting roof leaks. A roof leak can happen gradually in which water leaks in and soaks the wood, finds the ceiling and eats away until drops begin falling. By this time major damage costing thousands of dollars has already occurred. So by getting a roof inspection you could be saving yourself from a home flood and an expensive repair bill.

How Can I Protect My Home from Flood Damage?

If you live in an area at the base of a slope, you are at a higher risk for incurring the wrath of floodwater damage. When heavy rain is predicted, be sure to sandbag your property the day before the storm hits. Sandbags absorb floodwater and act as a concrete wall when they get wet thus helping to prevent floodwater from soaking into your home’s foundation, running into your basement or pooling in from underneath doors. You can also dig a trench and layer rocks at the base of the slope to help prevent or slow down flowing water or mudslides.

Should I Inspect my Appliances and Plumbing?

Burst pipes and appliance malfunctions cause thousands of home floods nationwide. All too often people will do laundry and go off to another part of the house unaware that water is flooding their floor due to an internal malfunction like a hose leak. If you have older appliances but they are still in good working order you may want to have them inspected, as often parts can start failing without affecting the immediate performance of your appliance. Home floods also happen as a result from pipe bursts. If you have hard water in your home mineral deposits like calcium can build up and cause tremendous pressure in the pipe. Eventually cracks will form that can cause a small leak or a massive spray of water. If your home is older and has the original plumbing or at least the same plumbing that existed prior to your ownership of the home, you may want to have it inspected. Over time poor fittings and improper materials can cause water leaks that result in flooded basements or other types of water damage. If you detect a musty odor in your home or you sense dampness, you should immediately call a local water damage company that also offers a free mold inspection. When pipes leak beneath drywall mold spores can populate and spread throughout the home putting your entire family’s health at risk. By calling a water damage restoration team to respond to your flood emergency you can also have the necessary mold inspections performed at no cost.

By taking certain steps to protect your home from water damage you can relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee while listening to a local artist’s newest CD, and as for the “rain claim to fame”, you can help fight off the risk of flood damage and let the first two things Seattle is famous for be the only constants in your life.

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