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Crawlspace Cleanup Mercer Island

One of the most convenient places on a property is the crawlspace, as long as you have the aid of our crawlspace cleanup Mercer Island professionals. Crawlspaces allow for ease-of-access to all your utility lines, so plumbing and electrical work are easy. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the beast, it is also prone to water damage emergencies. Mercer Island sits in the center of Lake Washington, one of the most storm burdened areas in the United States. If you have a crawlspace, chances are it will flood. When it does, call 911 Restoration Seattle, our crawlspace cleanup Mercer Island technicians will be there with same day service.

What Makes 911 Restoration the Best Water Damage Restoration Seattle Company?

With over 35 years experience, our crawlspace cleanup Mercer Island company is proud of our professionals who are able to respond within 45 minutes to any problem in this area; they are what makes 911 Restoration the best water damage restoration Seattle company. It is our belief to always put the customer first. We do this by being available 24/7 and offer an affordable price. 911 Restoration Mercer Island uses the latest drying technology, making your crawlspace cleanup fast and efficient. Any area in or around your house can flood at any moment, due to a storm, toilet overflow, or otherwise. When it does, our crawlspace cleanup Mercer Island team responds with compassion, empathy, and dedication to return your home just the way you want it. If you are in need of water removal, call our crawlspace cleanup Mercer Island techs right away.

What are Some of the Common Problems with Crawlspaces?

Some of the common problems with crawlspaces are rain, pipe busts, and sewage leaks because they all have the potential to ruin the area, but our crawlspace cleanup Mercer Island crew can repair it. The moisture can accumulate under the house through insulation, drywall and floorboards, causing mold and other property damage. We are licensed, insured, and bonded in all disaster restoration services, so we can perform your mold remediation and water extraction. Another problem associated with crawlspaces is electrical malfunction from water damage. If the flood raises high enough, it will short-circuit your electricity. You can read more here to find out other disaster restoration services we are able to work on. Don’t ignore a leak in your crawlspace. Cal 911 Restoration for a free inspection, our crawlspace cleanup Mercer Island personnel will find all the leaks around your house and repair them promptly.

What should I do if Sewage gets Underneath my House?

If sewage gets underneath your house, you should contact our crawlspace cleanup Mercer Island experts right away. Sewage is capable of spreading diseases and bacteria that can put you in the hospital. 911 Restoration takes many precautions when dealing with sewage, especially within a tight space like crawlspace cleanup. We assess the situation for free and give you a fair price by working with all insurance companies. Once we explain the procedure, our crawlspace cleanup Mercer Island specialists suit up in hazmat gear and use the newest techniques and technology to sanitize the area, clearing it of any contagions. When you come across sewage underneath your home, call 911 Restoration, our crawlspace cleanup Mercer Island staff will be there shortly.

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Thank you for doing such a good job and you guys are very pleasant to work with we will be we will be recommending you to anyone we know.


The branch I dealt with was very accommodating. Called when they said they would call. Arrived on time. Stayed within budget. Mya Chen was a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend them to friends and family and plan to do so. Mike the manager was great and very informative. All around a great experience for my first major issue with the house. They made me feel a lot better, not knowing what to do. I was freaking out before I spoke to the team in Bellevue.

Matt C.   

You were very prompt, showed up when you said you would, and the workers completed the work in a very timely fashion. You were also very accommodating for our schedule when you had to come back to pick up with equipment, which was VERY helpful for us. Your office staff was also very helpful and returned all my calls promptly, and answered a lot of my questions. It was a good experience!

Ms. Pereira   

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